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‘Guidelines Regarding Extended Work Days’ sideletters added to Local agreementswhich discussed the dangers and signs of sleep deprivation, as well as the ‘endeavor to find alternative means of transportation or provide a hotel room or place to rest.’ 

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10 hour daily rest period extended to all daily and weekly employees working locally or at a nearby location. Features, first year series, and long-form productions now have a 10 hour daily rest.

Building on gains from the 2014 Low Budget Theatrical Agreement (LBA), where a weekend rest period was added (32 hrs for a six-day week and 48 hours for a five-day week), weekend rest was added to the Basic and Videotape Agreement (54 hr weekend rest for a five day week and 32 hours for a six-day week).

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Added required courtesy housing and alternative transportation language after a long work day. 

Increased the daily rest period to 10 hour daily rest for most crew and productions.

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Read more about how these provisions have changed in recent years.

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